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We invest in ambitious founders with visionary ideas for humanity

Innovation isn’t a one size fits all process, growing your business ideas shouldn’t be either.

Rainfall Accelerator invests in passionate, underrepresented founders and partners with them to strategize and design solutions to help them achieve their goals.

What we are looking for
  1. More Seats At The Table
    Everything we design at Rainfall centers the human experience, so we want to work on projects from people with experiences different from our own.
  2. Eyes on the Future
    Climate change and the environment should be everyone’s focus, so we’re particularly excited about investing in the latest ideas to help us combat climate change and ensure that we can continue to live on this planet for generations.
  3. Attentiveness, Acknowledgement, Accommodation
    We look at each relationship through our accelerator program as a long term partnership. In order to create a meaningful product, our partners need to be just as bought into our Design Made Human™ approach as we are to their unique solutions.
  4. Not designers, but design minded
    We don’t expect our partners to be designers! In fact, we are very aware that they probably aren’t and that’s okay! What we do hope is that they will have an appreciation for the design process and respect for the impact that our strategy work can have on their company.

How it works

We offer a number of approaches, but here is the most simple: Rainfall takes an equity stake in your startup.

Then, we work together to elevate your identity, product, or platform.

In Practice

Our Capabilities
Products & Platforms
People crave digital tools that facilitate the management of their daily lives through beauty and ease of use. We create and design platforms and mobile apps that strengthen personal connections, elevate content consumption, and ease transactions, while keeping the human-centered experience at their core.
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Applying to our accelerator program is easy. Please send us a note with some high level information about your company, its leadership, advisors, and the progress you have made. If it feels like a good fit we will schedule a call to speak further about how we can help.

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If you offer expertise or investment in areas that you feel might relevant to Rainfall's Accelerator program, please reach out with and tell us a bit about yourself. If we align on vision we will schedule a call to speak further about your inclusion.

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