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We help our clients see themselves through the eyes of the people whom they are trying to reach. Then we design something amazing.

We are constantly thinking about how to best communicate what it is that we do, and the unique way in which we approach our work.

We make websites, sure, but is Rainfall a website design company? Not exactly. We also make brand identities, but are designers at Rainfall logo designers? Kind of.

If we really wanted to distill what we do down to a sentence, we help businesses achieve their goals by deeply exploring the space where their needs and desires intersect with the needs and desires of their audience members. This shared attention goes beyond what human-centered design to create a strategic approach that is inclusive of both those who engage with an experience and those who manage it.


The help that we provide often takes the form of a website, mobile app, digital platform, or brand identity. If we think that the best solution is a piece of paper, then that is what we will propose.

Regardless of the challenge we are tasked with, or the thing we have been asked to make, we start by considering the perspectives of people. Our clients are people, their audience members are people (mostly), and so we arrive at our maxim: Design Made Human™.

Because our design process deeply considers people before creating solutions, it feels a bit disingenuous to define a process that applies to all relationships. Acknowledging that, our framework grounds our thinking, and allows us to create a unique activity set for every client.

Humans enjoy attentiveness, acknowledgement, and accommodation.
These three elements define the phases of our process
  1. Attentiveness
    Identify and consider the people who benefit from your product, including you.
  2. Acknowledgement
    Imagine an innovative solution that fits the many needs and goals of those people.
  3. Accommodation
    Design a solution that meets those needs and stands out for its beauty and ease of use.

The bespoke activity set we develop for each engagement contains a series of workshops and exercises chosen to help gain insight or test a hypothesis that we or our clients might have.

Typical Activities
  1. Audience definitions and desires
  2. Business goal alignment
  3. Risk & mitigation conversations
  4. Stakeholder conversations
  5. Product demonstrations
  6. Functionality audits
  7. Design principle alignment
  8. Stakeholder alignment
Typical Activities
  1. Future-state ideation
  2. Vision ideation
  3. Concept ideation
  4. Feature ideation
  5. Desirability testing/validation
  6. Ecosystem validation
  7. Design principle alignment
  8. Stakeholder alignment
Typical Activities
  1. Feature alignment
  2. Customer journey design
  3. UX/UI or Visual Design
  4. Motion vernacular
  5. Quality assurance
  6. Compliance testing
  7. Client education
  8. Handoff

These activities keep us honest throughout the strategic and creative process, ensuring that we arrive at innovative solutions that are rooted in honest conversations and quantifiable goals.

At the end of the day, we believe that being thoughtful people and making considerate work will lead to effective partnerships, and successful outcomes for our clients.

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People crave digital tools that facilitate the management of their daily lives through beauty and ease of use. We create and design platforms and mobile apps that strengthen personal connections, elevate content consumption, and ease transactions, while keeping the human-centered experience at their core.
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