Critical Thinking
June 2020

Resources for Diversity

These are a few of the resources and materials we have found to better educate ourselves about how to create a more diverse company.

When Rainfall came out publicly in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, we pledged to take objective, actionable steps toward creating an inclusive company culture as we grow.

We quickly found that educational materials and other related resources are difficult to find for companies of our size, and with limited resources.

Therefore, we think that it makes sense to share the materials that we find, so that other agencies similar to ours can join us in creating real change.

We understand that our selection may not be perfect, so please feel free to be critical of the items we post here. We are on Twitter @rainfalldotco, Instagram @rainfalldotco, and via email at

We want to encourage conversation so that we can actively learn.

Where Are The Black Designers?

Visit the website ↗︎


Vectors SF

How Designers Can Fight Unconscious Bias: Powerful Lessons From Vectors SF

Visit the website ↗︎


Project Implicit

Harvard Implicit Bias Test On Race And Stereotypes

Visit the website ↗︎

Vocal Type Co.

Designing typefaces that highlight a piece of history from a specific underrepresented race, ethnicity, or gender

Visit the website ↗︎

TED Discussion: Ibram X. Kendi

The Difference Between Being Not Racist And Antiracist

Visit the website ↗︎

See in Black: Vol. 001 Black in America

An amazing showcase of black American photographers

Visit the website ↗︎

Architectural Digest

The Leading LGBTQ+ Milestones in the World of Design

Visit the website ↗︎

Queer Design Club

6 moments in contemporary LGBTQ design history you should know

Visit the website ↗︎

Queer Design Club

A community where LGBTQ+ designers can celebrate queer contributions to the design industry and visual culture

Visit the website ↗︎

Working Not Working

How Racial Equity Elevates our Creativity with Jennifer Ekeleme and Jezz Chung

Visit the website ↗︎


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