July 2022

An exuberant logo for lively kids concerts

Pianists of all ages and skill dream of playing on a concert-grade grand piano, a privilege often reserved for those who compete or make music a primary focus.

The Bainbridge Community Piano Association sought to change this, by making a high-quality grand piano available for individuals and nonprofits to rent for classes, recitals, and other events.

With the democratization and accessibility of music as their core mission, the organization expanded over time to sponsor student recitals and a monthly concert series, all of which boast a breathtaking Yamaha C6 grand piano.

As BCPA looked to the future, the daughter of the organization’s founder, a mother of two young children, imagined a concert series for children ages 0-5. These events would expose kids to music at an early age, and through an inclusive and encouraging environment, nurture their interest as they grew.

We were asked to propose naming options for this initiative, and come up with a mark and color options so that collateral such as apparel and flyers could be easily produced.

The winning moniker is Sing Along and Sounds, an alliterative name evocative of the activities and enthusiasm of the concerts.

Playfulness and enthusiasm also drives the logo. We selected the Museo Moderno typeface from Omnibus Type for its avant garde styling and swooping characters including an ampersand that resembles an abstracted treble clef.

Colorful dots evoke the bouncing lyrical que from sing-along videos, and a not-so-subtle yet ownable musical note “d” completes the composition.

An alternative version of the mark adds to the identity’s playful nature, and allows custom artwork created by attendees to identify particular events whether by instrument, location, or special guests.

Finally, an icon derived from the musical may serve as a unique and succinct identifier.

While simple, the combination of elements for Sing Along and Sounds give the series a strong, identifiable foundation that is lively but not childish, and flexible enough to allow for a diverse and ever-evolving program.

That will bring us back to Do, oh, oh, oh!

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