Critical Thinking
June 2020

Working in the Office

Rainfall is lucky enough to be headquartered in Seattle, and our waterfront office space is a fantastic place to go to work everyday.

As we’ve written about before, our team is the architect of their day and that includes deciding when is the right time for them to be in the office. Our physical space is set up so that we can work collaboratively and have a home base. As you’ll read, we approach our work in the hopes that it is accessible to us anywhere.


When employees are issued their computers they are encouraged to think of them as combustible. Marc often uses the example that he should be able to pick up anyone’s computer and throw it out a window without fear of losing something valuable.

This teaches two things:

  1. That files should always be backed up

  2. That all data should be accessible from anywhere without issue

How do we make this happen?

Rainfall uses Dropbox for all storage.

Space to get work done

Studies have proven repeatedly that traditionally “collaborative” environments like open offices and brainstorm sessions are the nemesis of productivity, and we strongly agree.

The actual “work” that we create requires hours of uninterrupted focus from our team members, and as a team, we must trust that every individual will complete their tasks at the agreed upon pace. This trust eliminates the “need” for constant oversight, and simplifies project management to daily standup meetings and periodic reviews.

For younger designers who typically receive continuous oversight, the larger blocks of time are specifically designed to form habits of iteration and variation. Rather than seeking guidance when hitting a wall, we suggest forming a completely new direction, as is the natural process of our more senior staff.

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