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Created by the merger of Clipper Seafoods and Blue North Fisheries, Bristol Wave is a commercial fishing company in the Pacific Northwest.

They use a sustainable practice known as “longlining” to catch fish, and while they are essentially a brand-new brand, they are also the largest quota-holder in the world for Alaskan Cod.

Core to their fishing philosophy is Humane Harvest, a trademarked process that involves gently harvesting fish from beneath the vessel itself and “stunning” the fish so they feel no stress or pain, a practice adopted from modern ranching. Their innovative approach yields healthier, tastier fish, and this merger represents a powerful union with a singular purpose: to harvest fish in a humane way, for the chefs that cherish it and the customers they feed.


What we did

We worked with Bristol Wave to design a website that told their story. One that honors their contributions to the industry, celebrates the quality of their product, and forges their future together.

How we did it
  1. UX Strategy
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Information Architecture
  4. UX/UI Design
  5. User Testing
  6. Art Direction
  7. Visual Design
  8. Creative Direction
  9. Photography
  10. Development
The Challenge

Tell a tale of two fisheries

This website is the first introduction to Bristol Wave. And because the logo and orange color were predetermined, we had to create an identity that worked with what existed and evolve it into a fully realized brand experience. Each legacy fishery needed to be represented – not directly, but in the way their process is described and the way their product is displayed.

Appeal to multiple unique demographics.

The core audience is bulk buyers and restauranteurs, but establishing the brand and attracting new hires also played a role. In total, we considered four potential audiences: 

  • Bulk buyers (e.g., fish markets)

  • Restaurateurs

  • Fishermen and women

  • The civilian crowd

Our solution

A deep dive on a beautiful product

To accurately represent Bristol Wave, we needed to understand their business. We met with the entire team, consisting of key players on both sides of the merger. We talked fish. We talked process. We talked sale and delivery.

What we discovered was that bulk buyers were often looking for specific information, and a traditional product page wouldn’t cut it. Navigation on the site, just like at sea, would be critical to our success. Also, clearly explaining the longlining and Humane Harvest processes would help educate the consumer and differentiate the business.

And finally, we wanted to make dead fish look good. New photography helped beautify the product and elevate the brand in the eyes of food and beverage outlets, while custom illustrations provided a nice counterbalance. The end result is a look and feel that’s both real and refined.

The Outcome

An ownable brand and a sustainable site

Much like Bristol Wave’s fishing practices, we wanted to create something that would last. By immersing ourselves in their business and working closely with the development team, we defined the brand and charted our course.

A Wave of Color

Expanding on the logo and original orange, we established a new color palette that would balance the design and bring it to life.

Custom Lines & Letters

Illustrations help to evolve the brand’s style while the typefaces are inspired by their existing packaging.

Fresh Photography

With just one carefully art directed photo shoot, we created consistency across the site and elevated the product to new heights.

Modular Design Structure

This makes updating and adding content easy and efficient, an important feature for the client.

Built for Business

Bristol Wave has a unique business. Through close partnership, we made them a site that would satisfy their needs, now and in the future.

The Impact

A fishing story for the ages

What began with a logo and a single color ended with the introduction of a new brand: Bristol Wave. Two similar, yet separate companies now form a cohesive entity – one that can expand and grow across multiple platforms.

For their customers, the result is a beautiful, unique and easy-to-use experience. It caters to both loyal patrons and newcomers, and it brings much-needed awareness to the ethical treatment of fish through Human Harvest. It’s a story that requires no exaggeration and will be told for years to come.

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