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Financial empowerment in the palm of your hand.

A client in the crypto space came to Rainfall for the strategy and design of their mobile app.

This platform is free to join, and it lets members earn, borrow and send assets of nearly any kind. Their transparent messaging and honest financial practices have earned them a passionate following.

Their core philosophy? Financial freedom for all. They believe that everyone deserves the chance to earn their way to the top, and that achieving your financial freedom shouldn’t come with strings attached.

What we did

We worked together to create their mobile app and extend their offering to every corner of the world, while at the same time increasing engagement over time.

How we did it
  1. Concept Generation
  2. Flow Mapping
  3. Experience Design
  4. Prototyping
  5. Usability
  6. Testing
  7. Visual Design
  8. Development
The Challenge

Inspire meaningful interaction

We believe that portability leads to engagement, so the idea of a mobile app came naturally. However, we needed to take it one step further and develop a system that incentivizes members to take action. It couldn’t be static, it couldn’t be stale, and it certainly couldn’t be one-size-fits-all. It needed to feel personal and alive – like having your financial freedom in the palm of your hand.

Make it accessible for anyone

While the core audience is crypto enthusiasts, we also wanted to attract new, less crypto-savvy members. As a result, the app needed to appear simple and un-intimidating while still packing a punch.

  • Clean, Not Messy

  • Fun, Not Fussy

  • Beautiful, Yet Purposeful

Our Solution

Crypto wallet meets fitness app

To make more than just a crypto wallet, we were inspired by modern fitness apps. We developed a series of challenges – quick-hit opportunities to build financial habits, better understand crypto, and plan for the long-term. The best part? They capitalize on people’s innate desire to learn and achieve, and they drive meaningful engagement with key functionality. Examples of challenges include:

  • Investing in a certain amount of crypto each week

  • Diversifying your funds by buying new coins

  • Inviting friends, earning rewards and more

The Outcome

A finger-friendly approach

Designed specifically for people on-the-go, the app takes full advantage of its ubiquity. And while a mobile app is an enabler by nature, strategic design choices help make it intuitive and pleasing to the eye. These include:

  • A logical layout

  • Clear, concise labels

  • A slick color palette with high contrast

  • Ample negative space

  • Smooth, subtle animations

All of this helps make the app inviting. When a member logs in, they can easily see important data without feeling overwhelmed, quickly navigate to their desired destination, and take action with minimal friction. It makes for a joyful experience that members will want to come back to again and again.

Real-Time Data at a Glance

Members can quickly assess the health of every coin thanks to a short, snackable display of available assets.


The Dashboard

Immediately upon login, the dashboard offers a clear snapshot of their financial positions, perfectly sized to their mobile device.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Challenges

Throughout the app and via notifications, members can easily see the latest opportunities and opt in at any time.

Effortless Navigation

Navigation is cleanly tucked away, but always readily accessible so it’s easy to move throughout the app and locate specific features.

Interest, Maximized

With a flick of a switch, members can choose to earn interest on their holdings. It’s completely transparent and satisfyingly simple.

Intuitive Loan Application

Members can borrow in minutes by filling out the streamlined loan application while retaining the value of their crypto.

The Impact

True financial freedom for all

Our client’s brand stands for honesty and opportunity, and together we designed an experience that embodies those values. With mobile-friendly elements that satisfy the senses and a sharp interface that welcomes people of all backgrounds, the app invites members to actively participate. And with fitness-inspired challenges, they’re encouraged to engage in meaningful ways.

In today’s world, staying connected is a form of freedom. The mobile app enables their members to never lose sight of their financial well-being and to take conscious steps to improve upon it. To grow their portfolio. To maximize their returns. And to achieve their financial goals, one tap at a time.

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