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Financial fitness for the masses

Our client in the cryptocurrency space lets members earn, borrow and send assets of nearly any kind, and has built a rabid fanbase thanks to its community-driven approach.

Their mission? Disrupt the financial services industry, one happy user at a time. Unlike big banks, they share profits with its members and offer fair interest, zero fees and lightning quick transactions. This is financial freedom through crypto.


What we did

Together we partnered to launch their platform on the web, so they could reach new customers, increase engagement and grow their business.

How we did it
  1. UX Strategy
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Information Architecture
  4. UX/UI Design
  5. User Testing
  6. Art Direction
  7. Visual Design
  8. Creative Direction
  9. Motion Design
The Challenge

Appeal to long-timers and first-timers alike

Our client’s core audience are crypto enthusiasts. They’re progressive. They’re tech savvy. And they are true believers in the value of crypto. We needed to create a platform that embraced their ideals but was approachable for everyone. To do that, we found ourselves asking, “how would we get our own parents to understand crypto?”

Create engagement that sustains over time

While new members had high usage initially, it would often taper off after several months.

To remedy that, we needed to do two things:

  • Incentivize members to engage more frequently

  • Emphasize the results (how hard their money is working)

Our Solution

A commitment to financial fitness

Think about your body. Through exercise, diet and the right daily habits, you can achieve good health, but it’s important to keep it up. Finance isn’t much different. With the new Celsius web app, we wanted to educate and motivate similar to a fitness platform.

‍Instead of just buying and selling crypto, members encounter a series of challenges that drive behavior and increase their potential for financial well-being.

Examples include:

  • Investing in a certain amount of crypto each week

  • Diversifying your funds by buying new coins

  • Inviting friends, earning rewards and more


More than just a wallet

To make all of this approachable, we used language that’s human. Instead of industry lingo, we spoke in more colloquial terms, and instead of a boring bank-like design, we went bold with playful typography and color. Ample negative space ensures that members won’t be overwhelmed with data, and they can easily decipher their financial standing.

The Outcome

A colorful vision of the future of finance

Working closely with the client team, we crafted an experience that prioritizes transparency and ease-of-use. The design is simple, intuitive and dynamic, and it reflects the brand promise of a more modern way for members to manage their finances.

The Dashboard

Clean and confident, the dashboard provides an engaging view of key information including balance, growth, and rewards earned over time.

Real-Time Data at a Glance

Members have clear visibility into the health of every coin, as well as its contribution (both in appreciation and interest) to their total balance.

Interest, Maximized

With a flick of a switch, members can choose to earn interest on their holdings. It’s completely transparent and satisfyingly simple.

Effortless Navigation

Core features are easy to find. Members can purchase or deposit coins, withdraw or transfer funds, and request a loan with minimal friction.

Intuitive Loan Application

Need cash? Instead of selling their crypto, members can borrow against it by requesting a customized loan that fits their needs.

Dark Mode

For night owls everywhere, Dark Mode offers a glistening alternative that can be easily activated within a member’s profile.

Dynamic Filters

For keeping tabs on their money, the transaction history comes with a set of advanced filters for a more granular view.

The Impact

A crypto (r)evolution.

With a smart, sharp and seamless new platform, members can take greater ownership of their financial freedom. Plus, it’s built to scale as more coins are added and the suite of financial products offered expands.

‍Even more, it represents a drastic evolution of the brand, one that’s rooted in the company’s core values, but provides a fresh and friendly approach to cryptocurrency. And with financial fitness at the center, members both new and old are encouraged to engage every step of the way.

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