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DeskView is the world’s first desk built to easily mount to any non-porous surface like a window, glass wall, or whiteboard.

DeskView approached Rainfall with the request that we refine their online presence to better communicate the features and benefits of their unique product.

We worked closely with their team to create a visual narrative that allows the beauty and versatility of DeskView’s design to entice customers and encourage them to work, entertain, and even decorate using this stylish piece of furniture.

What we made

We built a modern shopping experience that showcases DeskView's unique design.

How we made it
  1. Concept Generation
  2. Content Strategy
  3. UX/UI Design
  4. Art Direction
  5. Visual Design
  6. Creative Direction
  7. Motion Design
  8. Development

Subtle, modern, and clean

DeskView’s product line is minimal and sophisticated, and our team wanted the website to embody the same modern approach. A muted color palette steps out of the way of the product, and a thin, elegant typeface speaks clearly to consumers.

DeskView boasts a number of health benefits and unique design elements, and we needed to convey this information quickly and efficiently.

A series of icons make information easily digestible and entertaining

A custom designed family of icons elegantly communicate each and every detail.

Peeling the layers to show quality construction

DeskView is elegantly engineered to minimize parts and provide superior strength. We communicated its durable construction in a manner accessible to all audiences—a 3D view that continuously disassembles and reassembles itself.

Virtual deconstruction demonstrates the product's simplicity

Uncluttered photography reveals attention to detail and design excellence

Intricate points of view show material and manufacturing quality

Virtual deconstruction demonstrates the product's simplicity

Showing the product as the ideal standing desk

More important than DeskView’s construction is how it fits into everyday life, frequently as a standing work surface. Standing has notable health advantages, but we didn’t want to feel clinical. Instead, we entertain with a looping video of DeskView in action.

The visual design of DeskView's homepage

DeskView's homepage is a beautiful visual narrative which showcases the product’s versatility and contribution to the health of its owner in both the workplace and at home.

The visual design of DeskView's Shop page

The Shop page is an extension of the homepage and provides the final details a customer might desire before completing their purchase. Our team made it easy and quick to select the finish, understand installation, and checkout, while feeling secure with the purchase decision.

A fully responsive, mobile enhanced experience

A substantial number of prospective buyers come from mobile, so the experience had to be outstanding. Optimized responsive pages allow browsing from smaller screens without sacrificing information or creating unacceptable load times.

A custom experience that leverages all the advantages of Shopify

Large, custom eCommerce platforms are not always necessary for boosting sales, and for DeskView we wanted to take advantage of the native tools and partner integrations native to Shopify. Our team built DeskView directly into the platform's framework without losing any quality from the overall experience.

If you know Shopify you will recognize the telltale right-rail shopping cart

Defining unique imagery for each product variant

Shopify creates one set of images per product, even if that product is offered in several variations. For DeskView, we wanted each material finish to have its own set of images, but didn’t want to develop a hack that was difficult to maintain.

Instead, the technology team, The Hoodies, created a simple method that looks for each product’s variant name in the file name of every image and organizes a pack of imagery for each variation. This way, relevant imagery is shown to users based on their product selection.

A peek at how DeskView came to life

Shooting DeskView floating in mid-air was a challenge, and somewhat ironic given the beautiful windows in our photo studio. With some creative engineering (a lot of tape) and a bit of post production we achieved a beautiful representation of how it feels to work at a DeskView, complete with amazing natural light.

Building DeskView's product with CG

We wanted the DeskView render to seamlessly match the overall look and feel of the website, so we worked from models provided by the product team to create a final look consistent with the surrounding elements.

A shopping experience designed with concise communication in mind

Rainfall’s work with DeskView resulted in an eCommerce experience that looks and acts as beautiful as the product it is selling. An iterative design process allowed for frequent feedback from potential customers and colleagues, that in turn allowed for continuous refinement and simplification.

DeskView's website delights customers by appealing to their visual sensibilities and desire for thorough information.

Creative impact

Our strategy of presenting information in a clean, approachable manner increases comprehension of product value and heightens purchase confidence.

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