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Create a more active Latino electorate

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Latino voters are one of the last great wildcards.

Equis is a set of organizations helping political and enterprise entities move past the idea of the LatinX community as a monolith, and toward a more nuanced understanding. Through research, testing, analysis, polls, and coaching for leaders they have created a home for innovation and building LatinX power.

Their core philosophy? Data is power. They believe that in order to advance the LatinX community in the United States new approaches must be deployed to better understand, reach, and engage them.

What we did

We partnered with Equis to launch their websites and create information architecture that allows them to have a clear message on what their organizations do and what they can provide to political entities, enterprise organizations, and the LatinX community at large.

How we did it
  1. Concept Generation
  2. Flow Mapping
  3. Experience Design
  4. Prototyping
  5. Information Architecture
  6. Content Strategy
  7. Visual Design
  8. Development
The Challenge

Who is Equis & what do they do?

Equis believes the future of American democracy is inextricably linked to our ability to massively increase civic participation among Latinos in this country. Equis seeks to be a resource that develops actionable recommendations for practitioners seeking to engage the Latinx voter. They work collaboratively with partners and allies, lead with learning and research, and support building programs that address the deep-rooted issues that prevent Hispanic and Latino communities from achieving their full potential and influence.

Brand strategy for a complex landscape

While the core audiences are political entities, subscribers, and communication partners; we also wanted to cater to the community of researchers, funders, and media organizations that are vital to the proliferation of Equis’ mission. Because of these many audiences, the brand needed concrete visual design languages that help to delineate each sub-brand and guide users to the correct research. As a result, we created 4 digital brand identities that are:

• Clear

• Vibrant

• Deliberate

Our Solution

One master brand with a unifying message

To encompass their existing sub-brands and create a stronger and more credible organization we proposed the approach of using Equis as a master brand. Here we worked with Equis to solidify their brand mission, image, history, and leadership. We then combined this robust brand with a design system Inspired by brutalist design for a data driven look and feel and expanding on their color palette using vibrant colors inspired by the community at large.

A comprehensive design systemA comprehensive design system 

Utilizing large and bold type with brutalist inspired visual design we created a digital identity that inspired trust in Equis’ mission to use data and research to change the LatinX political landscape. With an atomic design approach we then created modules for every type of content needed to support their goals; from showcasing their team and research to highlighting the impact they’ve made so far.

Content Strategy

Equis lacked credibility and legitimacy as an organization so we proposed a content strategy that included various types of content to work towards this goal. Some types of content include their mission, their origin story, brand pillars, company values, and a team showcase.

Accessibility in mind 

As a part of our design practice at Rainfall we always design according to accessibility best practices and standards. We then went the extra mile when Equis requested we design a feature that allowed users to toggle contrast to a AAA WCAG rating as well as allowing users to increase the type legibility. 

The Impact

Uplifting LatinX Voices

The result is a site and digital brand identity that is driven by understanding and empowerment through data. Creating space for Equis to make their brand voice known and clear delivers a more legitimate and credible organization to audiences. A many pronged content strategy approach not only helps towards this goal but also boosts SEO optimization and creates a sturdy landing area for various funnel touchpoints.

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