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Platform training made easy
OnScreen allows any trainer or subject matter expert to create contextual step by step walkthroughs that help end users become platform experts.

Their mission? Digital Transformation. Teams implementing complex platforms often work against tight deadlines and are short on resources. Onscreen increases project success rates by improving user time to proficiency and reducing training development and support time.

What we did

Rainfall partnered with OnScreen to design a platform that makes creating and consuming guided walkthroughs simple for everyone, so that they can focus on what is important: completing whatever tasks they have been assigned.

How we did it
  1. UX Strategy
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Information Architecture
  4. UX/UI Design
  5. User Testing
  6. Art Direction
  7. Visual Design
  8. Creative Direction
  9. Motion Design
The Challenge

Achieve efficiency for everyone

OnScreen’s audience encompasses a wide range of individuals, from subject matter experts in specific corporate procedures, to newly-hired employees getting accustomed to new operations. Regardless they all have a unified goal: Learn the tools they need to get their jobs done, without having to first master the learning software.

Our Solution

Watch, Do, Teach

Think about how you learn any new operation: First someone shows you how it’s done. Next, you are asked to complete that task yourself. And finally, if you can turn around and teach that task, you have truly mastered it. Our design for OnScreen follows this same educational approach by guiding users through the actual tool they need to learn.

By contextualizing the process and allowing individuals to complete real tasks as part of their training, we increased comprehension while decreasing the amount of time required for employee education.

The Outcome

Effectively helping students become masters

In close collaboration with the OnScreen team, we created an extensible toolkit that allows their training tool to adapt to any platform and educational context. The design is approachable and intuitive, reflecting OnScreen’s mission to more quickly overcome the hurdles that adoption of digital tools often pose to employee productivity.

Simple recording of any action on any website

With OnScreen’s browser widget, recording a flow is as easy as navigating to the desired destination and hitting the Record button. OnScreen will handle the rest.

Follow recorded guides with ease

As if by magic, relevant guides automatically appear on their corresponding sites when the OnScreen browser plugin is installed. Select a guide and the walkthrough automatically begins.

Organize and manage recordings through the dashboard

Like a digital help desk, the Dashboard serves as a centralized hub for guide creators. Edit, assign, link, and tag, all from a single location.

Create conditional logic and process mapping

For more intricate processes, or those involving multiple paths, guides can be linked together based on context, or the result of a particular use case.

Assign guides to individuals and groups

Guides can be created and sent to individuals as one-offs, or collected in association with particular job functions such that groups or departments within an organization can all access the same walkthroughs.

Find yourself needing help? Request a guide

Save the trouble of sending personal emails, and simply request a guide for a particular destination with just the click of a button.

The Impact

A more productive workforce, quickly

With a clean, and efficient new training platform, OnScreen helps its partners accelerate their onboarding processes with lower costs. And, because OnScreen guides teach within the context of the actual platform they are training, employees are instantly more productive.

The scaleable toolkit has helped OnScreen rapidly roll out its service to additional platforms including SAP and SAP Ariba, and will support further growth as the platform adds support for additional commercial products.

With ease and efficiency as its guiding principles, OnScreen each individual trained with the platform is a potential advocate for further adoption.

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